“When you elected me to a second term on the City Council, I said being your Councilor was my top priority. As I seek a third term, nothing about that statement has changed. I will still research every issue; ask questions and vote with your best interests in mind. I have said many times, I want to help make Pittsfield a great place to live for all generations. Again, I respectfully ask for your vote to allow me to continue doing the job I was elected to do.”

  • I will continue to respond to your calls and concerns
  • I will continue to be prepared when attending meetings so I can make informed decisions
  • I will continue to work productively with City department heads and municipal employees to help you get the best service for your tax dollars.
  • I will continue to try to find ways to streamline permits and cut through complicated archaic regulations
  • I will continue to look out for our seniors and our veterans, who have given of their time to our community in so many ways.